A Runner’s Battle With Heel Pain

2 min readApr 28, 2022


Tommy likes to live life on the run.
An escape from all the noise.
A moment to think and recover his poise.
Running through the trails and trees
sets him free as he creates his own path
to explore and discover.

He sees the hills in his midst
and cannot seize to resist
his desire to challenge himself.
The intensity makes him perspire,
and it cools his skin like a mist in the wind.

Over and over he repeats his routine
day after day it’s nothing but serene.
Until one day Tommy notices a pain so keene,
it’s above his heel it seems, and he wonders,
“what does this mean?”

Running up hill gives him a thrill
He cannot fulfill his purpose by staying still.
So Tommy continues to run,
but it is no longer fun.
He can feel his heel hurt with each step,
but he does not want to be done.

As time passes the pain subsides.
You could hear the thrill in his voice,
and see the hope in his eyes.
He begins to cool down,
but he’s met with a surprise.
The pain returns and
he doesn’t know why.

He stop his run.
Grabs his massage gun
and drills his calf,
hoping to stun the pain,
over and over again,
until the battery is drained.

Tommy tries the run again,
but his heel feels the same.
He can’t help it but to complain,
and the pain is driving him insane.
Oh, what a shame.

Tommy walks home as he is spent.
On the way he sees his friend Johnny
and vents to him about his pain.
Tommy pleas for his help.
Johnny knew what his friend should do.
At one time he had heel pain too.

Tommy was excited an asked, “What did you do?”
Johnny replied, “I saw a physical therapist, you should too!”

Tommy was surprised but
decided to give it a try.
Little did he know,
a new journey has begun.
He is on the path back to living
his life on the run.

I hope you enjoyed this poem about a runner with heel pain. If this resonated with your experience as runner or if you want to learn more about what Tommy really was experiencing, please give me a follow and stay tuned for my next post!




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