Move Free

With every breathe my lungs expand,
The air moves within me.
With every beat of my heart,
the blood rushes through me.

Every ounce of my being is touched
and renewed, giving life to my body
and the strength to move.

Blessed with the freedom to choose,
I move down the path that leads to you.
The sound of each foot step moves with me.
I can hear the ground beneath me.

My eyes behold the beauty ahead.
I see the prize that awaits.
My spirit wakes within me,
and I feel your presence,
where you’re leading me.

Faster and faster I move towards you,
and for a brief instant I cannot feel the
ground beneath me. It cannot contain me.
In this moment I Move Free.
Running towards you, forever.

Move Free Physical Therapy
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Orthodox Christian. Physical Therapist. Just your average Joey.

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