How I Ended Up Quitting My Full-time Job So I Could Work For Myself

You are probably wondering why there is a peacock on my page right? Don’t worry, you will understand why by the end of this story, so just keep reading and keep scrolling!

It’s almost been 5 years since I finished graduate school with my Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy. I remember how excited I was to finally begin my career. I knew I wanted to be a Physical Therapist since I was 15 years old after dealing with severe low back pain. Physical Therapy helped me overcome my pain and get back to playing the sports that I loved!

The journey to becoming a Physical Therapist was long and difficult. After 7 years of endless amounts of studying, many tests and practicals, multiple clinical rotations, and a Board exam, I had finally made it.

My first job out of school was working in outpatient private practice. I treated anywhere from 12 to 22 patients a day and I worked 10 hour shifts multiple days a week. Typically, I would not be done with patient care until 7pm. After work, I would spend 2–3 hours more finishing documentation.

At first, I had not put much thought into it. I was a new graduate and there was definitely a learning curve. I knew I had to put in the work and time, but I figured it would just get better on its own eventually. I soon found out how wrong I was.

What I learned was that this is not just a problem for Physical Therapists but for a majority of Health Care Practitioners. Insurance reimbursement of health care services, especially for Physical Therapy is declining and continues to decline. This forces private practices to see a high volume of patients in order to keep their door open and be able to serve their communities.

As the months went by I began to see and feel how much the demands of the position were affecting my health and my life. Not only that, but how it was negatively impacting the care my patients received.

I felt so trapped. Just like Detective Terry Hoitz, Mark Whalberg’s character in the Other Guys. His boss, Captain Gene Mauch, was controlling his ability to perform his duties as a cop. He just wanted to go out there and serve his community and save lives.

“You gotta be kidding me! You can’t keep me cooped up in here all day! I am a peacock! You gotta let me fly!” (Detective Terry Hoitz)

“You know what Terry, let’s just settle this. Peacocks don’t fly!” (Captain Gene Mauch)

You know what Captain, you are wrong. Peacocks do fly!

All joking aside, this is how I really felt:

I give you my attention, I give you my time, attentively listening to every word, writing every line. You have my eyes, you have my ears, listening to every word and even wiping your tears. You have my support every step of the way, I try to give my all for you day after day.

So many people to help and so little time. I want to give you what you need but I’m always falling behind. I wish I could give you more, but the system is so poor, the frustration is building up inside, it’s causing an uproar.

Last one leaves, I’m exhausted, fatigued. It’s not over yet, documentation for days like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t take this anymore I pray, I plead, Lord I’m ready to make a change, take control, take lead. Let Your will be done God, give me strength to believe.

After over 4 years of working in private practice I knew that I had to make a change so I can better serve my patients and give them the care they deserve, and also so I can live a healthier life.

The solution. Quitting my job and opening up my own practice!

Check it out at

Thank you for reading!



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